Diving in Puerto Rico caverns

"Traveling — it leaves you speechless,

then turns you into a storyteller."

- Ibn Battuta

        Growing up I was always an artistic child, but I never had ambitions to travel the world.  Frankly, I'm sure I would have found the concept terrifying.  Then I met my wonderful wife and we began our ongoing adventure with our honeymoon in Belize.  I became fascinated by the tropical jungles, diverse wildlife and ancient Maya ruins and took shot after shot with our trusty point and shoot Fuji.IMG_5567  Later on in the trip we went snorkeling and my love for the ocean was sealed and a desire to see everything our planet has to offer was ignited. In the years since that trip I've been able to travel to many different countries and my photography skills have grown.  I've become an avid SCUBA diver, and over the past couple years I have acquired the equipment necessary to make quality photographs underwater. Summit of Mt. RainierI hope to showcase the beauty of nature and elicit the same feelings of wonder I felt when looking through the lens.       Safe Travels, Signature